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Epona Rocking Horses

Hand Carved in the U.S.A. by David Gray

Photo Gallery

Here are some examples or our rocking horses along with more detailed pictures of their features and construction.

Please click on a image to see a larger picture.

Isabella Small Horse (c)

Lauren on Small Horse (c)

Lauren Isabella Small Horse (c)

Pauline on Medium 2 (c)

Dappled Grey Safety Stand (c)

Polished Wood Safety Stand (c)

Arabian Bow Rockers (c)

Polished Wood Bow Rockers (c)

TT Medium Horse 1 (c)

Oak Stand 4 (c)

Ash Safety Stand (c)

Mahogany Stand 2 (c)

Oak Bow Rockers (c)

Black Saddle (c)

Brown Saddle (c)

Tan Saddle (c)

Arabian Saddle 1 (c)

PH6 (c)

Tulip Wood Horse & Rody 2 (c)

Mahogany Horse 9 (c)

Bow Rockers Turned End Piece (c)

Tulip Wood Horse Head (c)

DG Carving (c)

Gambler 5 (c)

Horse MOW (c)

Horse MMB (c)

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